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About Us


Who we are

W₂O olive oil commenced as a family project in 1997 on our farm “Kallewanda”, located just outside of Wagga Wagga in south-western NSW.

We have fertile soils, ideal climate and ample water from the Murrumbidgee River to grow our trees. Olive varieties were selected to suit our Mediterranean conditions and we grow Correggiola, Pendolino, Hardy’s Mammoth and Manzanillo. Additional new varieties including Koroneiki were planted in 2023.

A major factor determining the quality of olive oil is the time between picking and milling. In 2022, we began pressing our oil on farm using our new Italian mill. It has been a steep and exciting learning curve and we are thrilled to have won gold and silver medals for our oils every year. For the first time in 2024, all our flavouring fruit and herbs are sourced from our farm.

We are very mindful of our carbon footprint and immediately following harvest, our fruit is transported directly to the solar powered mill on farm. Prunings are mulched and returned to the grove and mill waste is composted. We are proud of the fact that for every litre of olive oil produced, it is calculated that four kilos of carbon is sequestered.

What we grow

The main varieties are Correggiolo, Hardy’s Mammoth, and our recently planted Koroneiki.

Hardy’s Mammoth – produces hugh quality oil with superb aromas and flavours. A regular show winner, the fruit is large and is often used as a table fruit. Oil yields are low with 10% considered good in normal years.

Koroneiki – famous for high quality and high yields, upwards of 20%. Our first pressable harvest will be in 2025.

Correggiolo – a reliable, Tuscan variety normally producing high yields and high tonnage.

Agrumato oils – these flavoured oils are created during harvest with the addition of citrus fruit or herbs at the time of pressing. This year we have lemon, lime, and tarragon. All the ingredients are grown on farm.


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